louis wants to be that apple +look at him +he wants it so bad +and it kind of freaks him out +he never thought he’d want to be an apple +but he does (x)

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PS: short hair, don’t care. (!!!)

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Nice things to whisper when hugging someone


-you smell different when you’re awake
-please help me (then smile as if nothing happened)
-you have lovely skin, I can’t wait to wear it
-your hair tastes like strawberries
-he knows, don’t go home.
-I always knew you would die in my arms
-every time I poop I think of you
-no one will ever believe you
-I killed mufasa
-I bet you didn’t feel me lick your ear
-mother told me it would be like this

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This summer… A new chapter begins.

The Fosters returns Monday, June 16 at 9/8c on ABC Family!

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how come when a gay man hits on a straight man he’s a “predatory gay” but when a straight man hits on a lesbian it’s a “challenge”


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#Troyler Drunk Collab

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Finchel in season 5

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do you think this tour louis has worked on his narry issues



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